Getting the Most Out of Music Lessons

Tips for parents and students
by Sally Beaumont

I am a music teacher with over 20 years experience, teaching mostly children from age 4 to 18.  I started this blog as I realised many parents were struggling to get their children to practice.  And without practice, not only do students make little progress, but they also don't enjoy their musical journey as it takes too long to accomplish a piece and it's always just that little bit too hard.

I teach predominantly piano but also flute and harp. However this information relates to any instrument and many articles will be helpful for teenage and adult students too!

I would love to hear any feedback so please leave comments.

Happy practising!


What to Practice

What to practice in your practice session? Start by opening up your notes from your teacher and find out his/her suggestions!

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What Motivates Children to Practice?

How to get your child to actually do their practice on a regular basis without a fight? Motivation is key but this comes in many forms.....

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Set Up For Success

For your child to want to practice their instrument they two things - a reliable instrument and a quiet place to practice.

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Practice - How Much Is Enough?

How often should your child practice, and for how long for? This guide is particularly about encouraging young beginner students to develop a regular practice routine.

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How to Get Your Child to Practice Their Instrument

How to get your child to actually practice? We explore rewards vs withholding of privileges and outright bribery!

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